This site is dedicated to three wonderful souls. I miss each of them dearly.
Ray William Calhoun (August 19, 1916 - February 13, 1999)
Beulah Catherine Calhoun (April 5, 1925 - July 1, 1993)

No two people shaped my life more than my mom & dad. I am eternally grateful for their guidance, wisdom, and love. I miss them dearly, but find comfort in knowing that they're together again, in a better place.
Marcia Anne Van Zandt (January 24, 1997 - March 7, 2000)

Words cannot express how much I miss my baby. While not my birth daughter, Marcia was my pride and joy, and gave me something that I desperately needed--a view of the world from the unblemished and unbiased eyes of a child. It was an honor to be her daddy, and this world is a much sadder place now that she has left it.